News | January 18, 2018

Bourque Logistics Announces Blockchain Project

Development of the RAILChain™ Network for Rail Industry Participants

The Woodlands, TX /PRNewswire/ - Bourque Logistics, the leader in rail logistics systems for more than 29 years, announces its first blockchain project to explore the application of this new technology for its rail shipper clients. Using digitized shipping file formats called "rblocks," RAILChain™ will allow shipping parties to securely exchange bill of lading information, as well as settle freight, repair, and lease costs using smart contract technology.   

RAILChain™ will be initially developed using the Ethereum platform with a design to seamlessly interchange with other platforms, as blockchain technology continues to evolve. RAILChain™ will serve as a highly secure network link between shippers using the Bourque suite of rail applications, including RAILTRAC®, RateServer®, RAILAcct®, and their rail trading partners – consignees, railroads, lessors, and repair shops.

Several Bourque shipper clients have expressed interest in blockchain technology due to the prospect of efficient and secure distribution of rail shipment status and cost information. These shippers will be the first participants in a proof of concept which will provide shared and secure visibility of the rail supply chain.

"We are excited to investigate this new technology on behalf of our clients," said Steve Bourque, president of Bourque Logistics. "By working now to make our rail operations and freight payment systems blockchain compatible, our clients will have options to benefit from this technology as it matures and is adopted within the rail industry."

The RAILChain™ project builds upon previous design elements of NaviChain™, a blockchain network designed for international, intermodal chemical shipments by Tank and Container Management Systems, LLC (TCMS), a partner of Bourque Logistics.

About Bourque Logistics
Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, Bourque Logistics has automated rail shipment processes for shippers since 1989 with RAILTRAC®, YardMaster®, RateServer®, and other tools addressing all facets of rail shippers' needs and integrates seamlessly with their ERP systems.

Bourque Logistics' tools are redundant, cloud-based systems for rail and motor carrier shipment operations for loading and shipping, bill of lading submission, tracking and tracing, freight costing and payment, fleet accounting, supply chain management, and customized reporting. Our EDI data services connect shippers with their suppliers, customers, and carriers. Bourque Logistics also provides professional service support for rail fleet expediting and railcar maintenance management.

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About TCMS
Tank and Container Management Systems, LLC (TCMS) is an intermodal logistics company which streamlines international shipping operations for ISO tank, cylinder, tote, and other cargo container movements. TCMS' Journey™Navigator is a cloud-based logistics system providing optimized intermodal shipment management and offers enhanced connectivity between shippers, multi-mode carriers, ports, and depots around the world.

TCMS partnered with Bourque Logistics to address the increasing international shipment operations of its rail shipper clients. Leveraging Bourque Logistics' knowledge in industrial shipping automation, EDI, and enterprise integration, TCMS' service streamlines shippers' container movements, and addresses important equipment maintenance, compliance, and document management requirements. TCMS logistics staff provides professional services and support for container expediting, and fleet and compliance management.

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