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BlackBerry Radar And Max-Atlas Partner To Maximize ROI For Supply Chain Logistics Companies

Canadian industry leaders sign co-operative deal to install world-class asset tracking technology at point of chassis manufacture

Waterloo, ON /PRNewswire/ - BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today announced a three-year co-operative agreement with intermodal container chassis manufacturer, Max-Atlas. The deal between the two Canadian industry leaders will make BlackBerry Radar® asset tracking and monitoring technologies available for installation during manufacture of Max-Atlas' range of products. The combination will help supply chain logistics organizations derive lasting return on investment in Max-Atlas' high performance container chassis with BlackBerry Radar data on operational performance.

BlackBerry Radar offers intelligent insights into how a company's assets are being used, allowing for improved operational efficiencies and better customer service. BlackBerry Radar devices are rugged and low maintenance, equipped with batteries that last up to five years or more. When installed on a quality-engineered Max-Atlas chassis, customers gain insight on asset location, along with vital utilization performance, safety and security data. This information can enable maximum return on investment for supply chain and logistics operators.

"It's exciting to bring together two class-leading Canadian companies that offer such a strong synergy to customers in the logistics market," commented Christopher Plaat, SVP and General Manager, BlackBerry Radar. "BlackBerry Radar, known to be a reliable and resilient asset tracking solution, can now be installed during Max-Atlas' production process so that customers can best utilize, secure and track their new chassis from day one."

"This partnership with BlackBerry Radar aligns with our vision to bring innovating solutions to our customers," added Stéphane Guérin, President and CEO at Max-Atlas. "Once customers have invested in our intermodal container chassis, it makes sense to help them maximize their assets through pre-installed best-in-class telematics with BlackBerry Radar. We look forward to delivering value to our mutual customers."

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