News | February 28, 2022

AV Logistics Launches Coreviz, A New Drayage Management Solution With Unprecedented Visibility And Accuracy

The new proprietary drayage management platform from 3PL AV Logistics provides customers with real-time data and clear visibility of their shipping containers for better decisions, outcomes, and efficiencies.

Fleming Island, FL (PRWEB) - AV Logistics, a drayage and intermodal asset-based 3PL that services some of the country’s largest retailers, is proud to announce the release of Coreviz drayage management visibility solution, a proprietary, powerful platform for drayage operations. Coreviz provides AV Logistics customers a critical view into each shipping container’s journey based on industry-leading, accurate, real-time information.

“In today’s tight intermodal drayage market, time equals money, and information saves time,” said Peter Pace, VP of Sales for AV Logistics. “We systematically verify all information in the Coreviz system so customers are notified up-to-the-minute of delivery delays, marine and port congestion and other disruptions in the supply chain much earlier. Coreviz offers customers insightful data and clear visibility of their shipping containers, resulting in better decisions, outcomes, and efficiencies.”

Before information is shared in Coreviz, a dedicated team at AV Logistics “scrubs” and verifies all status updates from brokers/forwarders, ocean carriers, and rail and port partners to load the freshest information possible into Coreviz. This extra, crucial step is not done at other 3PLs, but AV Logistics customers benefit immensely since it eliminates inaccurate information for a more seamless drayage experience.

Information shared through Coreviz also bridges communication gaps between distribution centers and their corporate offices. With round-the-clock access to Coreviz, anyone can view the status of a shipping container at any time, reducing the need for calls and emails.

Coreviz is available to all AV Logistics customers, regardless of their container numbers or company size. The platform is easily accessed through a portal on the AV Logistics website. On-demand reports and notifications available include:

  • Updates when freight is outgated and delivered
  • Number of days in port dwell, rail dwell, empty turn, or cycle days
  • Personal communication between parties about delivery specifics and handling requirements
  • Containers approaching and/or incurring per diem, demurrage, and rail storage charges
  • Status view of containers in summary or by location

Coreviz is the product of several years of development. It has been piloted and reviewed by AV Logistics customers and they’ve given it rave reviews for its ease of use and efficiency.

For more information on Coreviz or a demonstration, visit AV.

About AV Logistics
AV Logistics is a drayage and intermodal asset-based management company and 3PL with a passion for detail, established in 2000. Headquartered in Fleming Island, Florida, AV Logistics provides comprehensive international and domestic services, as well as a variety of intermodal services throughout the United States. AV Logistics currently handles over 750,000 container moves per year and serves some of the country’s largest retailers in conjunction with their sister company, C&K Trucking. Coreviz, AV Logistic’s proprietary drayage management platform, offers customers insightful data and clear visibility of their shipping containers, resulting in better decisions, outcomes, and efficiencies. Visit online at AV

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