Datasheet | August 19, 2008

Product Overview: Epicor Manufacturing For Automotive

Epicor was the first in the industry to introduce a 100% SOA-based ERP system, but that's not the only reason we're at pole position. We have unparalleled experience in working with manufacturers to solve their business challenges for the past 20 years. Having successfully implemented more than 9,000 manufacturing customers, we've developed a deep understanding of the needs of manufacturers. Many of our customers are classified as strictly automotive, but many more span several markets, including automotive.

Many of Epicor's manufacturing customers make complex products, and by the same token, they view themselves as complex businesses that defy categorization. Our customers are able to be all things to their customers — public sector or private, domestic or foreign, because they are aided by ERP functions for every area of a manufacturing business, whether they are make-to-stock, configure-toorder,engineer-to-order, kit-to-order, or some combination thereof. Epicor for Automotive's ERP functions are tightly integrated with each other and the financials for visibility and auditability. You can start small, tens to hundreds of users, on an easy-to-administer Windows platform for Microsoft SQL Server or Progress databases, and you can also choose Unix or Linux.

The pool of automotive suppliers continues to shrink as only those with the most flexible IT infrastructures can adapt to the increasing demands of automotive customers. The answer is Epicor for Automotive, our enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution built from the ground up for manufacturers using a 100% serviceoriented architecture (SOA) combined with a Microsoft .NET user interface. Messaging is a key factor: messaging between factory sites, messaging between the business system and user screens, and messaging between the business system and trading partners. Other ERP systems install an "XML wrapper" around their systems and call themselves "SOA," but that adds another layer of abstraction, complicating setup and slowing down transactions. Every business object in Epicor for Automotive is available as a collection of Web services, to be made easily accessible by your Trading Partners' systems without a complicated application programming interface (API).

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