AssetWIN Lite - Asset Management System

Source: Asset Systems Inc.
AssetWIN Lite - Asset Management System
AssetWIN Lite was designed for small businesses requiring an automated system to manage less than 1,500 assets
AssetWIN Lite was designed for small businesses requiring an automated system to manage less than 1,500 assets. Available as a single user system, AssetWIN Lite is an ideal system to start managing company assets more efficiently. And, as your company grows you can easily upgrade to AssetWIN for tracking an unlimited number of assets, plus expansion to a network environment.

A Power Tool For Your Growing Business
Dollar-for-dollar, no other asset management system comes close to offering the array of features found in AssetWIN Lite. As with all Asset Systems products, AssetWIN Lite supports complete integration to bar code technology through Asset Systems DataCAP bar code data collection software. Using AssetWIN Lite, you can add new assets electronically through a hand held bar code reader. This feature eliminates redundant, manual keyboard data entry tasks required by other systems. As a result, your inventory will be substantially more accurate and labor costs dramatically reduced.

AssetWIN Lite provides unlimited reporting options. Delivered with two sophisticated reporting tools, the system's Standard Reports provide an array of pre-formatted reports from which to select. The integrated Report Writer supports custom creation of Excel style reports, which can be saved for future reporting sessions. AssetWIN Lite supports unlimited user defined fields, allowing customization to your specific asset management needs. Plus, a history is maintained of all transactions, so you'll know when and what changes were made to your inventory.

Another unique AssetWIN Lite feature is its Asset Inventory and Product Inventory capability. An Asset Inventory tracks assets at the individual item level, which is commonly used to manage equipment assets. A Product Inventory manages an inventory at the product description level, eliminating the need to assign asset numbers to each item. Product inventories are often used to manage warehoused furniture assets or consumable products. The system's multiple database feature allows you to create and maintain these different asset groups as independent inventories, each one password protected.

Regardless of how you use AssetWIN Lite, its unparalleled flexibility guarantees it's the right choice for your growing business. Feature-for-feature, no other system comes close to delivering the power you get with AssetWIN Lite.

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