News | February 14, 2008

ARL Releases Yard Mini-Inventory Platform For Yards, Depots And Terminal Operators

ARL Consulting announces the release of the ARL Yard mini-Inventory Platform which helps container yards to manage equipment on the yard. The platform can be used by medium sized yards, depots, repair and storage facilities, and terminals with a quay side. Anyone who is interested can request demo or sign-up at ARL's portal for shipping solutions,

ARL Yard mini-Inventory Platform is an internet application, hosted by ARL Consulting and their partners, being accessible from a computer with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher connected to Internet. The application is secured, all data transfers are encrypted, and all users are passing authentication procedures. The platform is a closed system operating as the in-house inventory system for individual container yards containing with a public facility allowing the container yard to offer third-parties to query specific container status without logging in. This may be promoted by the individual container yard to their customers and haulage/ trucking service providers.

The platform requires no up-front software or hardware investments, only a moderate transaction fee per move handled, and allows for a quick start by a container yard: Sign-up, define reference data like operator names, define the physical container yard coordinates and create user's accounts – that's it, and the container yard inventory is managed online. The Yard mini-Inventory Platform support both that the container is online in the back-office and at gates and other front-office locations, and it supports off-line mode of working, like printing of gate pick-up lists and load lists, and it produces a monthly move list per container operator, which can be used as invoice documentation.

On ARL Consulting's site for shipping solutions,, interested containers yards can register for an on-line presentation. For additional information on ARL Yard mini-Inventory Platform visit

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