White Paper

Are Smartphones And Tablets Suitable For Use In Warehouse And Distribution Center Operations?

This white paper from Honeywell takes a look at the widespread popularity of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Android-operated cellphones and tablets and their growing acceptance as a practical and relevant technology for use in the workplace. These devices are being trialed for numerous business applications, specifically experimentation in warehouse and distribution centers.

The popularity of these devices stems from users being familiar with them, being user friendly, a breadth of features, support for numerous pre-existing apps, lower cost than enterprise devices, and the availability of programmers for custom applications. With all these benefits, there are still a few key hurdles that need to be tacked before these devices are acknowledged as a worthwhile solution. Durability in highly dynamic warehouse and DC environments and connectivity and WMS application platform compatibility are two major concerns. Additionally, these devices are not being used for data collection purposes in warehouse and DC operations, but only for messaging, and their applicability remains uncertain.

This paper notes, “A recent study conducted among logistics (transportation) and warehouse managers by Peerless Research Group on behalf of Logistics Management magazine for Honeywell Scanning & Mobility, reveals that these smartphone and tablet devices are of great interest to warehouse and transportation companies, and in some cases are already being tested and deployed for demanding real-world applications.”

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