Newsletter | March 1, 2005

03.01.05 -- Apply The Performance Metrics You Collect To Achieve Maximum Results

March 01,
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From The Chief Editor
Best known as RFID physics experts, ODIN Technologies is the last company from which I would have expected to receive the following article: "Wal-Mart's RFID Program Upends The Technology Adoption Cycle." Written by ODIN's Vice President of Operations, Bret Kinsella, this article explains how Wal-Mart's RFID tagging mandate has turned the typical bell curve of technology adoption into something more akin to swiss cheese. Lessons learned: 1) Don't underestimate the effect that corporate culture has on such things, and 2) By pursuing early adoption of RFID, smaller companies can achieve competitive advantage against large companies that choose to be technology laggards.
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Featured Articles
Managing Spend In A Distribution Environment
To survive in today's economy; every enterprise must put the reins on spending across every location and category. Submitted by Epicor Software Corporation

Intelligent Edge Networks Are Improving Logistics
With cost pressures rising and transportation providers facing near-record level fuel prices, higher liability insurance premiums, and increased equipment expenses, the logistics industry is enduring unprecedented challenges. Given these pressures, how does a transportation provider optimize pricing based not simply on least cost routing, but total cost to serve, lifetime value, profitability, service-level agreements, or projected demand for value-added services? Submitted by IBM

The Metric System: How To Apply The Metrics You Collect To Achieve Maximum Results
Performance metrics alone are no guarantee of results — to really improve, you've got to apply the information you collect. Submitted by WERC

Ten Things To Consider Before Investing In Mobile And Wireless
Without a doubt, developing a new mobile and wireless system or upgrading an existing application is a huge undertaking. The goal of this guide is to alleviate some of the concerns you may have and provide you with some questions to help you select the best mobile computer and development partners. Submitted by Hand Held Products

Top News Stories
Pilot Demonstrates Raytheon Company Will Save Nearly .5 Million From Joint RedPrairie/RadiantWave Solution
Infor Introduces AutoKnow Webinar Series
Featured Products
Dolphin 7400 Mobile Computer
Step into the next generation of portable data collection with the Dolphin 7400. The 7400 adds a Microsoft Windows CE operating system to a modular, portable, hand-held computer platform that features three choices of keypads, large quarter-screen display, high-performance Intel StrongArm processor, as well as up to 320 MB of memory, and optional touch screen capability. Looking for a portable data collection solution? Tell us about it and we will show you how Hand Held Products can help.

Sabre 1553 Extra Long Range Scanner
The Sabre line of scanners has proven that it excels in harsh environments, whether it's intense forktruck vibration in the manufacturing plant or distribution center, or extreme field conditions like rain, heat, cold, and dust. What's the application you are considering? We would like to know.

Manufacturer Distribution Logistics Management
Let GENCO's Oracle-based supply chain and forward logistics management software handle your warehouse's distribution functions — from order processing to inventory control. Request a quote or more product information.

Microflex CE3240
The Microflex CE3240 was specifically designed to transfer DAP's mobile computing expertise into the featherweight field of handhelds. It also offers the largest variety of customization hardware modules and features the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective tools for all field workers. Download the complete product brochure now.

Featured Download
Pull Out All The DC Stops
As RFID technology is played out and applied in labs and pilot environments, expect to see more examples of newly discovered benefits. In the meantime, establishing a flow-through model in your DCs and warehouses will result in immediate benefits and better prepare you for an RFID future. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine
Featured Book
Business Logistics, Supply Chain Managment
Industry Events
Distribution/Computer EXPO 2005
Whether you are looking for the complete supply chain system or any application in your supply chain, you will find it at the Distribution/Computer EXPO 2005. If your input is important to your company's successful acquisition of any supply chain application, then you are among those who should attend.
RFID: What Are You Tagging?
This discussion focuses on the various challenges facing RFID tagging with respect to product materials and packaging. The technical parameters of tagging such materials as liquids, metals, glasses, etc. will be discussed as well as an explanation of how the materials' makeup influences radio frequency tags. The Webinar will provide information on selecting the proper tag given specific material and packaging applications.
AM Expo
May 24-26, 2005
Palmetto Expo Center, Greenville, SC

AM Expo — the Southeast's most comprehensive showcase of advanced manufacturing and productivity solutions — can help you get there ahead of the competition. No matter where you are in your journey to manufacturing excellence, you'll find tools, technologies, and expertise that can transform your company into a world-class competitor. Register today for FREE at
Convergence Of Telematics And Mobile Computing
Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 -11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern

Traditional telematics focuses on in-cab solutions that combine vehicle-specific and driver input with wireless communications. These systems rely on fixed-mounted or cab-centric methods for driver input. However, the telematics landscape is changing as companies address the increasing data requirements of their customers and operations personnel.