4-Post Lift

Source: Rotary Lift/A Dover Industries Company
4-Post Lift
The new 12,000 lb. four-post lifts now feature a Rotary power unit for quieter and more efficient performance
Rotary Lift/A Dover Industries Companyew 12,000 lb. four-post lifts now feature a Rotary power unit for quieter and more efficient performance. Replaceable Rolling jack stops are made of "conveyor strength" rubber, giving the technician full flexibility to use 1 or 2 rolling jacks. Stainless steel gauges are standard on all ARO models and require less routine maintenance.

Other features include:

  • Available with open-yoke design for easy access to front or rear of vehicle.
  • Dual Protection Sentinel Lock System features a patent pending slack cable guide arm that stays "on guard" to manage the primary lock latch.
  • 6" of Additional Rise means better vehicle accessibility and a more comfortable work height.
  • Molded yoke caps covers that keep debris away from yoke sheaves.
  • Cylinder under runway is a key feature that eliminates any opportunity for vehicle door or mirror engagement while the vehicle is on the lift.
  • Non-skid surface allows sure grip of tires and for a "sure foot" of a technician walking over the lift. The material is bonded to the runway in paint process.
  • Automatic ramp chocks engage when lift is raised.
  • Clearance holes allow the ramp chocks to clear yoke bolts, resulting in less noise on vehicle driveover.
  • Protective strips on ramp ends eliminate floor gouging.
  • Cable inspection port allows a view of 100% length of the cable, an ANSI requirement.
  • Joy stick style single-point lock release lowering handle is more user-friendly.
  • New drop-in rubber adapters on rolling bridge will increase contact area with the various vehicle underbody surfaces and frames and protect vehicles with factory applied undercoating. They conform to the vehicle lift points. Two sizes included as standard, 1.5", and 3" thick. Made with high durometer rubber.
  • New adapter tray to store adapters, located in an easy to reach location.
  • New pump is more durable and reliable in the harsh shop environment.
  • Easy glide "roller-blade" style wheels allow rolling bridge to move easily in the runway track. A track sweeper removes debris like a "cow catcher" mounted on wheel assembly.

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