News | July 15, 2014

Airclic Enhances Transportation Logistics Solution With Real-Time Automated Routing And Improved Order Reporting


Airclic, the leading provider of cloud-based solutions that enhance visibility and control throughout the mobile supply chain, today announced the release of the latest version of its Perform® for Transportation software, the company’s mobile, cloud-based, electronic proof-of-delivery (ePoD) and cross docking solution that provides improved transparency and better control of transportation logistics operations.

The latest release of Perform for Transportation adds features and enhancements that can improve the ways companies manage, optimize and update delivery routing and expand the management of multi-stop orders. With these new capabilities, companies and 3PLs will find it even easier to quickly factor in real-time changes throughout the shipping and delivery process – ensuring that items are delivered to the correct destination, despite any last-minute adjustments.

“Businesses know that inefficiencies and inaccuracies at any stage in the shipping process can directly create problems and delays in delivering the products to end-users,” said Mike Lee, CEO of Airclic. “It is imperative that companies and logistics providers alike ensure that deliveries are made accurately and on time, or be prepared to face the threat of lost business from unsatisfied customers.”

Real-Time Automated Routing and Dispatch

Leveraging Airclic’s Perform® for Route Planning and Optimization, Perform for Transport can calculate optimal routes for all unallocated orders throughout the day. The system automatically assigns orders to routes and dispatches them to drivers in real-time as they are needed, continuously adjusting routes and schedules to account for changing conditions. Real-time adjustments and changes can be made and shared with those already in the middle of their routes – helping to guarantee that end users still receive orders on time.

Dockworker Depot Stops

With the proper management and optimization of cross-docking continuing to increase in importance, companies and third party logistics providers (3PLs) are constantly looking for ways to improve delivery efficiency and cut costs. It is a significant benefit to be able to ensure that items received on the dock, as well as those staged and loaded onto the truck, are accurately recorded – as it helps create a more efficient, accurate workflow. With the new Dockworker Depot Stops capability, dockworkers now have the workflow designed to facilitate smooth, efficient flow-through of freight and orders from one side of the dock to the other.

Additional new features include:

  • Search by Order Name in Order Tracking and Route Detail Reports – Adds order name as an additional search field to route detail and order tracking reports.
  • Alternate Order Report – Provides administrators with the ability to configure Perform for Transportation so that dispatchers can directly view, print or save-to-file any custom order report, for any order, by selecting the order in the “unassigned orders” or “assigned orders” window.
  • Group Orders Summary Line Display Options – Provides administrators with a means to control which stop’s values are displayed in columns of the summary line of multi-stop orders when the “group orders” checkbox is enabled.
  • Motorola TC55 Certification – Certifies the Android 4.1 version of the Motorola MC55 with Perform for Transportation.
  • Display Unassigned Order Location in Dashboard Map – Provides dispatchers with the ability to display the location of any unassigned order on the dashboard map simply by clicking the order in the unassigned orders window.

Seven of the top ten 3PLs rely on Perform for Transportation to remove paper and processing costs from their delivery process, significantly reducing delivery errors, increasing visibility and improving service levels. Perform for Transportation offers a host of sophisticated features and functionalities that ensure order accuracy and operational efficiency. Customer service is greatly improved since companies and 3PLs gain full insight into the shipments along the route, as well as at the point of delivery.

About Airclic

Airclic is the company that customers count on to support their mobile supply chain operations, helping them become more efficient while lowering costs and enhancing customer relationships. The company is the trusted partner for food service, wholesale/retail, transportation and healthcare organizations worldwide that need to deliver goods safely on time and on budget – and its cloud-based solutions automate some 15 million business transactions every day, worth more than $165 billion yearly. Airclic’s Perform products provide needed visibility and control across the last mile of the mobile supply chain and cross-docking operations to improve cost effectiveness and enable a competitive advantage. For more information, please visit

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